Send newsletters with Magento

With NewsletterPlus it can be done in 5 minutes

With our own NewsletterPlus module, you can send newsletters in just a few clicks.


  • Super fast preparation of mailings, in 5 min your mail is ready

  • Very easy to use, anyone can do it

  • A recognizable look and structure in all your mailings

  • Use directly from Magento, without an external tool

  • Responsive e-mails are perfectly possible

  • Personalization of content tailored to the customer's needs

  • Works from the Magento subscriber list, Excel files or other data link (e.g. CRM)

  • Built according to Magento best-practises with blocks and layout XML

Do you also wish to send newsletters super fast from Magento?

How it works

Storefront BV developed its own Magento newsletter module, which we called NewsletterPlus. Although Magento already has newsletter functions and numerous other tools exist, they are unfortunately still very limited for those who want to quickly mail products and offers. Our module overcomes these limitations, because in just a few minutes you can have a complete mailing ready to send.

After sending, our system also takes care of all maintenance tasks, such as deleting incorrect email addresses and dealing with spam complaints.

Do you need further customization? NewsletterPlus has been developed according to Magento best practices and is based on the well-known block and layout XML system, but now applied to e-mails.

NewsletterPlus adds a bunch of menus to Magento Admin that allow you to create, populate and schedule newsletters for sending.NewsletterPlus adds a bunch of menus to Magento Admin that allow you to create, fill out and schedule newsletters for sending.

  1. You create a newsletter in Magento Admin
  2. Each newsletter has its own settings, which you fill out
  3. You review the result and send a test email to yourself
  4. If the mail is to your satisfaction, schedule for transmission

Because all control is done directly from Magento Admin, you no longer need to use other tools and all data is known in 1 system (subscribers, products, prices and photos).

You no longer have to recreate the look of your webshop in another program and copy-paste texts, photos and prices.

The email templates are already programmed in Magento and you can operate them by filling in only a few fields. If you want more templates, we can design them for you, or you can also use your own programmer. Our module follows the guidelines of Magento and is therefore easy to understand for other developers.