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The Magento 2 Frontend Reinvented

Hyvä Themes offers a brand new Magento frontend, built completely from scratch. Focused on performance and reduced complexity, determined to make you happy.

Hyvä Themes

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Hyvä Themes is a Magento 2 theme built completely from scratch.

The developers at Hyvä Themes have gotten rid of all the unnecessary ballast. All layout.xml, .phtml files and JavaScript are thrown out, using a blank theme. This is with the purpose of being as independent as possible from external libraries.

Hyvä Themes now only depends on TailwindCSS and Alpine, two ultra lightweight frameworks.

The benefits

There are plenty

  • Performance

  • Reduced complexity

  • Maintenance

  • Shorter Time to Market (development speed)

  • Better Developer experience (accomplish more in less time)

  • Highly reduced dependency on external libraries

  • For both new and existing web shops

  • Fully customizable and expandable

  • Hyvä open-sourced React Checkout


The developers of Hyvä Themes have focused heavily on improving the speed of a website. So it is not surprising that websites developed with Hyvä are significantly faster than those created with Luma.

The performance of a website is incredibly important. First, we want the best user experience, after all, who likes a slow website where you have to wait up to half a minute before you can take action? In addition to ease of use, the performace of a website is also an increasingly important SEO ranking factor. Google has raised the bar for "good performance" again. Specifically, with good performance, you score points with search engines. Better performace = better SEO ranking.

Developer experience

Why should you care if a developer enjoys working on your site? What's in it for you? While you don't have to worry about that as a shopkeeper, you can reap the benefits indirectly. How so?

A good developer experience ensures that a developer can do more in less time. Since you pay working hours, this is directly to your advantage, and it is also more pleasant for us to work with. A true win-win!

Finally, a good developer experience also means a larger community. The community has its own Slack environment with over 1500 active members. We, as developers, also have access to this channel where people share their experiences and reach out to help each other. The more expertise that is shared, the more ideas and solutions there are for your website.

Reduced complexity

Hyvä Themes has drastically reduced the complexity of the frontend, which means that we as Magento developers can work with it much faster.

It is not only a breath of fresh air for us, you also benefit from the fact that adjustments and customizations are faster and there are simply fewer bugs to debug.

Highly reduced dependency on external libraries

Alles wat het Luma-thema onnodig complex en dus traag en log maakte, is weggegooid in het Hyvä-thema, geen RequireJS meer, geen KnockoutJS, geen jQuery, geen LESS.... In plaats daarvan vertrouwt Hyvä Themes op betere, goed doordachte alternatieven, steeds met de beste performance in het achterhoofd.

Hyvä Themes has only two dependencies: TailwindCSS and Alpine.

Alpine Js

Alpine.js is a robust, minimal JavaScript framework. Nothing more, nothing less, Alpine is the modern version of the outdated jQuery.

Instead of hundreds of separate JS files, and multiple megabytes of Javascript code, Hyvä Themes implements all interactive features with just one small JS libary, inline JS and vanilla JS.

Because we can't describe it any better, we'll give you Alpine's catch phrase:



Powerfull as hell.

Tailwind Css

TailwindCSS, a modern CSS framework with which all your design needs can be realized.

This is certainly also achievable with the Luma frontend, because in both cases it comes down to CSS. But there is a nuance.

The framework follows a utility-first approach and fits perfectly with Hyvä Themes' philosophy: Less is more. Maximum performance without compromising on design.

The big advantage of TailwindCSS is, the browser doesn't have to load as much css anymore. This is because unused css is "purged" from the tailwindCSS files. The standard Luma Theme contains about 80kb of css, while with Hyvä Themes it is about 14kb.

In addition, the Time to Market is also a lot shorter because we use Tailwind UI, a collection of ready-to-use HTML snippets (which are also already fully responsive). These TailwindCSS templates are our starting point. We always customize the design, so this doesn't get in the way of customization at all. It just saves us a lot of work because we don't have to start from scratch.

Time to Market

In addition to good performace, the reduced complexity also results in faster development times.

trends and innovations in E-Commerce, rapid implementation and rollout (of both new projects and smaller updates and changes) is crucial.

Perhaps working with modern tools sounds more like an advantage for the developer. Nothing could be further from the truth: you get a better product in faster time!


So how is Hyvä Themes easier to maintain than the standard Magento Luma Theme?

Magento performs updates and upgrades on a quarterly basis. This often includes adjustments to the frontend. Since Hyvä Themes has separated the code from the frontend, these changes will not affect the theme. In short, we can upgrade the Magento base without fearing that this will change the frontend of the website.

Of course, Hyvä Themes itself must consider updates and upgrades, but this can be done at its own pace and after thorough consideration.

For both new and existing web shops

It is not at all a requirement to start with a new Magento installation to use Hyvä Themes.

If you already have an installation, you can replace the frontend theme without losing data and backend functionality.

Hyvä Themes was developed specifically for Magento 2 and is not compatible with Magento 1. Do you have a Magento 1 installation that you're happy about but considering a new frontend? For the frontend alone, upgrading to Magento 2 is not a must. We have also come up with smart solutions for the frontend of Magento 1. Interested? Get in touch with us!

Fully customizable and expandable

The use of Hyvä Themes and Tailwind CSS doesn't restrict us from designing a custom frontend. In fact, thanks to the decoupling of backend-frontend has never been easier!

Already a frontend design in mind? There is no design that we can't realize. The possibilities are endless!

Hyvä open-sourced React Checkout

Hyvä Checkout is an open-sourced module, which deals with the checkout. Luma's default checkout is quite complex, customizing something small can be quite a challenge. The checkout is also quite slow due to the endless amount of javascript and templates that need to be loaded.

De Hyvä Checkout is in React (een moderne javascript library) gemaakt. Voor de volledige checkout moet er maar één javascript bestand geladen worden. Dit maakt de checkout dus ook aanzienlijk sneller. Opgelet: het is geen kopie van de Luma checkout. Het vormt een basis om je eigen checkout te ontwikkelen.

Unlike Hyvä Themes, Hyvä Checkout is open source and therefore free. You can use in the Luma Theme or in Hyvä Themes.

Are you considering moving away from the default checkout? We have also developed our own checkout solution. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Not finding the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with us.

Convinced of Hyvä Themes, but you have a Magento 1 installation? Don't panic, you don't necessarily need to upgrade to Magento 2. For Magento 1 we also have a theme based upon the same techniques of Hyvä Themes.

The Hyvä Themes license costs a one-time fee of €1000 (excl. VAT) per Magento 2 installation (with unlimited domains and storeviews). The updates of Hyvä Themes are included.

These are just the costs to be able to use Hyvä Themes. This does not include the working hours for installation, upgrades and customizing the theme to your needs.

The cost will be different for each project. To get a concrete idea of the total cost, please contact us.