Magento Hosting

We offer Magento Managed Hosting for the Magento E-Commerce platform by combining our server expertise with extensive Magento experience. This allows you to have one single point of contact for your Magento or OpenMage installation.

The different possibilities

Default hosting

If you want to arrange your own hosting, of course you can. Make sure you have a server that is powerful enough to carry your Magento installation.

You need to think about renewing your certificate on time, otherwise your website could be taken offline overnight.

Furthermore, with standard hosting there is often little to no Magento expertise, which may make it a bit more difficult in case of any problems that might arise.

This is basic hosting and therefore the cheapest.

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce is the paid version of Magento 2. Per year you pay a license fee per server and on top of that you have to give up a percentage of your profits. It is largely the same as the Community Edition, which is open source and therefore completely free.

To meet the shopkeeper's ever-increasing need for full-service, Adobe offers another package: Adobe Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento Commerce Cloud). This package includes many features, including hosting in the cloud. It comes down to the fact that you don't have to worry about anything anymore. This also comes with a high price tag and is a lot more expensive than Adobe Commerce.

As independent developers, we are never going to recommend this software package because we feel that the features associated with the package do not outweigh the cost. Still need a functionality from AC or ACC? We know Magento like no other and are firmly convinced that we can develop it ourselves in the Magento Community Edition. Then you only pay the development costs once instead of every year.

Looking for full service and affordable alternative? Then our Magento Managed Hosting might be for you.

Our Magento Managed hosting

Since our web hosting is "managed", there are no complicated control panels. One of our team members is assigned to your installation and will personally handle all of your questions. We also monitor your Magento installation to make sure it stays up and running smoothly for your customers. When error messages occur, they automatically arrive in our mailbox. Looking for the fastest and best Magento hosting possible? By choosing our own version of the Magento Cloud, you can concentrate on running your store, and don't have to worry about the infrastructure. Contact us and we can get started right away.

Our servers are located in a data center, where they can run under the best possible circumstances. They are dedicated servers, optimally tuned for running Magento E-Commerce. As a result, we achieve a much higher performance than other solutions.

If you wish, we can provide you access to the MySQL database via the well-known phpMyAdmin and file access via the highly secure SFTP. Root access to the server is not included, but we are always open to suggestions that lead to the improvement of our devices.

The average uptime since the beginning of our service is 99.99%, including scheduled maintenance moments!

Since we host your Magento webshop, know the software and your customizations, and have far-reaching Magento expertise, we are in the best position to address any issues in case they arise. Other hosting companies do not know your webshop, settings and customization, nor will they monitor your installation.

As always, we don't bind you and allow switching to and from other servers.

The only thing required is that you modify your DNS (domain name) so that web traffic is directed to our servers. The management and ownership of the domain names remains with you at all times.

ligned up

The comparison

Classic webshop hosting Adobe Commerce Cloud Our Magento hosting



Server hardware and network
Server backups
Server OS updated & patches


Varnish, ElasticSearch & Redis Cache


Uptime monitoring

Magento expertise

Magento optimizations

Magento programmers & debugging

Knowledge of your customization

Proactive action

Error log monitoring

Our Range of Tasks

For your peace of mind

  • We keep your Magento installation up and running

  • Management of server hardware and network infrastructure

  • Management of the Magento environment (application server, database server, caching server (Redis), search engine (ElasticSearch), cronjobs, etc....

  • Linux OS management (updates)

  • Monitoring of your installation and alerting our staff, both in case of server and Magento software errors

  • Timely renewal of SSL certificates so you can't forget

  • Hosting a 2nd Magento installation for testing purposes. This one is hidden from the public.

  • Proactive action even before a minor problem escalates to serious consequences

Looking for customization?Let's talk.

Are you looking for the ultimate solution for your project? We specialize in customizations and don't shy away from any challenge. You can contact us for both hosting and E-Commerce solutions tailored to your needs. Curious? Take a look at our realisations.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, you can but you need to consider a few things. A server should never be without internet or power, therefore you need to ensure redundant power supply and internet connection. Data centers have specialized hardware and there are always technicians on duty to handle possible breakdowns or to replace parts quickly.