Magento Audits

Your Magento website audited down to the smallest detail. This way, you can rest assured that you won't leave any errors or miss any opportunities.

Looking for a Magento audit?

Be assured.

Do you have doubts about the health of your Magento installation or are you about to go live with a new shop? Then a thorough audit is something for you. Thanks to our 11 years of experience with Magento, we know the platform like no other. We examine your installation and provide a concrete and objective report on the state of your Magento webshop, both Magento 1, OpenMage and Magento 2 we take care of. We go to the limit and are looking for perfection. The audit can be very useful to find hidden errors, as a second opinion or as inspiration for where to improve.

At the end of the audit, you receive a full report with our results, organized by priority.

We always perform audits on a copy of your installation so you don't face any risk. For this we need access to the files of Magento (FTP / SSH), the database and Magento Admin.