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Storefront is specialized for 11 years in Magento shops from A to Z at Belgian and Dutch top level.

Magento is our core business

Storefront is specialized for 11 years in Magento shops from A to Z at Belgian and Dutch top level.

Need help with a specific project or does your installation need a full audit or tune-up?

At Storefront you are at the right place for everything Magento: from idea to realization and powerful hosting

Own staff of Magento Developers

At Storefront, we only work with local, in-house staff who share our vision of quality and service. So no outsourcing or subcontracting, and you are always in direct contact with the developer so there can be no overhead or miscommunication.

We'd love getting to know you and addressing your issues with a personal and focused approach.

If you wish, you can also hire our experts .

What is Magento, and how does it help with my E-Commerce plans?

Magento is an E-Commerce platform that allows you to offer your products and services online, in the broadest sense possible. With numerous modules, customization options and a strong technical foundation, it is arguably the most versatile platform on the market.

More than just a webshop

We talk about a platform because Magento is designed for multi-website and multi-store set-ups. This makes it perfectly possible to have one administration, from which you manage several domains, websites and shops. One shop can be for a B2B target audience, while another serves B2C, or another country, or another target audience. Due to the central character of the platform, you avoid complex connections and invest in 1 place that benefits all sites.

Endless possibilities

The Magento webshop platform is best seen as a foundation on which a shop concept can be built. With a blank installation, you have the management environment ready to go, but the customer area of your first shop is still completely empty. This still needs to be built and set up, according to your concept.

The nice thing about this method is that you can always expand further with new functions and possibilities, so you cannot outgrow the package. Only with an extremely large scale (e.g. more than 100,000 products) you can run into limits, and even then, solutions are possible.

The central hub for all things E-Commerce

Most companies that start with a Magento shop use it for acquisition (taking new orders), but Magento can do much more than this. You can turn it into a central platform where customers can manage their orders, make payments and arrange returns through self-service.

For your own organisation, Magento can also serve as a Product Information Management system or "PIM" for short. You collect all product data, photos, texts (for SEO) and more in 1 place. Does your organisation not yet have a central database for product information? What better place than your own site? Furthermore, you can also store a lot of data in Magento for internal use, without it being visible on your site.

Points of attention for each E-Commerce platform

When you want to create a webshop, it is important to have the right focus. The following parts are very important:

Customer must-haves

  • Maximum convenience
  • Site-speed when shopping
  • Sufficient product information and filters

Operator must-haves

  • Smooth operation in the back office
  • Necessary tools for marketing (think: newsletters, Adwords, XML shopping feeds)
  • Links to logistics services and warehousing, so you don't lose any time
  • Sufficient reports so you can measure and know what is going well and what is not
  • The more you can do yourself, the better (think: SEO, content marketing, dressing up your site)

Why a Magento shop?

  • Open Source Magento

    The source code is freely available, so every day IT specialists and programmers worldwide contribute to a better platform.

  • Modular

    With over 7000 modules, Magento is extremely versatile. These modules are developed by other companies that make the platform more attractive. We already have developed over 150 modules.

  • Solid foundation

    If you want a top webshop right away or prefer to grow step by step, Magento is perfect for you. The foundation is very extensive, but if you want more, we can always add extra functions and refinements.

  • Growth potential

    Thanks to the flexible structure of Magento, the system can grow perfectly along with you. Expanding a shop consists of adding more modules and improving your graphic theme. This can be done at any time, allowing you to set the pace yourself.

  • Multi-website

    Magento is more than just a webshop. It is an E-Commerce platform on which multiple shops can be established. The management is done from a central backend.

  • Omni-device

    When we set up a Magento webshop, we ensure that your shop functions perfectly on tablets and smartphones. No more teething troubles, we guarantee it.

  • Links and automation

    Through existing or new modules, Magento can be linked to carriers, existing IT systems, product databases, newsletter lists, accounting, ERP, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Not finding the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with us.

This is of course the big key question and depends on many factors. To answer this properly, you better get in touch, but given that Magento is a flexible platform, there is a good chance that it can match your project. In practice, we see that about 85% of the situations have a good match. It is precisely for this reason that Magento web stores are such a success.

Still, there are a few exceptions (the remaining 15%) where Magento is less suitable:

  • The project is only a fraction E-Commerce related. Many functions in Magento you do not need. A webshop based on Magento is then overkill.
  • You are looking for a very simple shop with minimal costs. Magento is too extensive for this and requires regular maintenance such as patches and updates. The customization in the installation also needs to be maintained, which incurs costs.
  • You have a very specific project in mind with a lot of customization. In these cases, a full custom site may be better. Then everything is built exactly the way it needs to be for you.
  • Does Magento not fit? We will help you further with a customized solution.

That depends from project to project. Do you already have an existing system that is set up properly? If so, it may be more economical to continue building on it. But what about a new installation? Then all options are open. Then we need to consider all options and compare them with each other. We are happy to help you weigh up the options and come up with the perfect solution.

Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento Commerce and even earlier as Magento Enterprise Edition) is the paid version (subscription form) and is 95% the same as the Community Edition. Community Edition is the free and open source version of Magento 2. You pay a (fairly high) license fee per server and a percentage of your revenue each year. As an independent developer, we usually don't find this option interesting enough to justify the high cost. If you really need certain features from Adobe Commerce, we can also just add them to the Community Edition. You then pay once for the development and not every year. Note that Adobe Commerce is only a license fee. You don't get any service in return. The setup, development and maintenance should still be done by a professional Magento builder like us.

Upgrading is best done when there is concrete added value. If you have a Magento 1 installation that is well set up and meets your needs and wishes, then upgrading is not necessary.

Sometimes there are good reasons to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and vice versa. Do you want to switch installations? Then you are in good hands. We are experienced in migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and vice versa.

The cost of each project is different. This is because large parts have to be researched for you and often a lot of programming has to be done. Only then, can the platform be set up properly and you can achieve your goals.

The cost always translates into the number of working days it takes for software programmers and graphic designers to create your site.

Storefront is a web builder with 11 years of experience developing E-Commerce solutions. As a firm, we are neutral and impartial. With both feet on the ground, we look at the objectives of our clients' project and give it a technical interpretation. Magento often fits the bill, and is therefore our most deployed foundation.

Storefront is no longer an official Magento partner. We used to be, but we chose to remain independent. This way we can always look for the best solution for our customers, not what we have to sell to maintain our own status.

Thanks to 11 years of experience with top projects and at top companies, we have already built our reputation and do not need partner labels.

To summarize

With a Magento store developed by Storefront, you...

  • Decide to take E-Commerce seriously.

  • Choose a wel-designed store concept, tailor-made to fit your business. You want to make the difference online.

  • Call upon Magento-talent, which greatly improves the outcome.

  • Realize that you can always keep building without running into (technical) limitations.

  • Work with a company that is fanatical about quality and good service, and enjoys working with you to succeed.