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Starting with e-Commerce?

Hello, we are Storefront: an online store and eCommerce developer with over 7 years experience.

Online stores are born here, programmed and maintained at the highest level possible, and of course within budget and planning.

Are you looking for quality development, innovation and a reliable partner? We are your perfect match.

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Complete online store and new branding for this store chain with 38 locations in The Netherlands.

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Activin is a wine wholeseller in the Netherlands who operates multiple shops and an order platform through multiple of their brands.


Complete e-Commerce project for designing your own wallpaper. We created everything from the brand identity to the programming of Magento and automated flows behind the scenes.

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eCommerce platforms & technology

For every challenge, we pick the right technology

Magento eCommerce

Magento 1 and 2 are great online store platforms for both single and multiple online shops. The software is open source, widely supported and very popular among shopkeepers.

Due to the flexible way Magento is built, it can be used as a foundation for almost any kind of online shop or order platform, across different industries.

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Our vision on online stores

Our Magento shops and other solutions differ greatly from standard out-of-the-box shops, because of all the design and refinements we add.

At Storefront, nothing is standard or ordinary. We create unique, one-of-a-kind, effective solutions.

Custom eCommerce solutions

Before selecting an eCommerce solution or technology, you need to consider your options. Maybe your project is better executed with Angular JS, Java Spring or plain old PHP?

Every situation is different, so let us find the best way together.

Specialization & Experience

Get an idea of the high-end solutions we develop and see what makes us special.

Let customers choose delivery time or pickup location

Short checkout forms that can be integrated on landing pages too

Super-fast, instant product filters

One-click payment & securely storing credit card details

Subscriptions with automatic recurring payments

Magento tuning and speed optimization

Automatic processing of bank account deposits

Processing in-app purchases from Apple App Store and Google Play

Sell banner space on your online store for extra revenue

Selling digital tickets & Ticket management tools

Existing Magento shop?

We have the experience, know-how and flexibility to help out with any Magento issue, whether it is software, hosting or business related.

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New eCommerce project?

Do you have an eCommerce project in mind and are you looking for a reliable partner?

Let us talk about it.

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