“ We develop online stores and eCommerce solutions of the highest quality for pioneers, perfectionists, leaders and innovatorsusing Magento eCommerce, Java or Intershop technology

  • Multi-website, multi-store and omni-device eCommerce solutions
  • Over 100 custom-built Magento modules
  • Worked on over 40 Magento websites in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Own powerfull Magento hosting service for existing customers
  • Specialized in eCommerce automation and integration with ERP, fullfillment, finance and stock
  • Deep understanding of recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Own product recommendation technology based on customer profiling
  • Highly optimized custom checkout flows for minimal dropout
  • Backends for handling in-app purchases from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Trusted by businesses and agencies alike
  • Focus on innovation and technical advancement

Projects & Brands we've worked on

eCommerce platforms and technology

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Magento eCommerce

Magento 2 is a great online store platform for both single and multiple online shops. The software is open source, widely supported and very popular among shopkeepers.

Due to the flexible way Magento is built, it can be used as a foundation for almost any kind of online shop or order platform, across different industries.

At Storefront, we consider Magento to be a solid foundation on which to build your unique store concept.

An Enterprise Edition is available for more demanding customers.

  • Great for small to medium sized businesses
  • Built for customization
  • Grows well with you
  • Flexible in changing requirements
  • Open source with large community
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Custom eCommerce solutions in Java 8

All Java projects are designed and built to fit your exact requirement. This way you get top performance and a perfectly fitting solution for challenging requirements.

  • Highest performance possible
  • Custom built solutions specifically for your needs
  • Highly scalable
  • Use your existing JVM tools and environment
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We offer Intershop consultancy and development services for companies already using Intershop. With over 5 years experience, we have mastered Intershop and bring innovation to existing setups.

  • Intershop analysis and development services
  • Innovation beyond the core Intershop platform
  • A second opinion to your existing Intershop partner
Choosing an eCommerce platform

Before selecting an eCommerce platform or technology, it is important to consider your options. Like everything in life, every platform has its advantages and drawbacks.

Storefront is not tied to any platform, so we can advise you in the best way.

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Specialization & Experience

Get an idea of the high-end solutions we develop and see what makes us special.

Let customers choose delivery time or pickup location

Customers want to control the exact day and time of delivery. Although unsupported in core Magento, we have successfully added time slot and pickup locations in the friendliest way possible.

Check out the delivery options on Gastrovino.nl

Short checkout forms that can be integrated on landing pages too

Our optimized checkout flow isn't only short and fast. It can be integrated on other websites, like microsites or landing pages too. All orders end up in your same backoffice, like they were placed on the actual store.

Try the checkout on Neleman.org

Super-fast, instant product filters

Product filtering is an essential part of online shopping. Our filter technology works instant. Matching products appear in less than a fraction of a second. This makes exploring large catalogs super-fun.

Try out the filters on Gastrovino.nl

One-click payment & securely storing credit card details

Allow customers to save their credit cards for future repeat use. Customers can manage their cards and select a primary card for use with one-click payment buttons.

Notice the option to save your card on Shedeals.be

Subscriptions with automatic recurring payments

Customers can buy and manage their subscriptions online. Their credit card is charged automatically with the right amount at the right time. When a card fails, we offer fall-back options for payment.

Magento tuning and speed optimization

We can make Magento shops insanely fast, thanks to speed optimization on all fronts: PHP/MySQL tuning, CDN, frontend tweaking and full page caching. No stone is left unturned when it comes to page load time performance.

See how fast Neleman.org is

Selling digital tickets & Ticket management tools

Customers can buy tickets online and receive an email with their digital ticket. The ticket has a QR or barcode which can be scanned at the event. The event organiser has access to special tools for managing his tickets.

Processing in-app purchases from Apple App Store and Google Play

If you have an app that offers in-app purchases, you'll want an eCommerce platform to register and manage those orders in. We have built these backends before for both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Sell banner space on your online store for extra revenue

When running an online shop, you can generate extra revenue by selling ad space on your shop. Offer pay-per-click or pay-per-view to partners and generate reports on their performance and credit balance.

Notice the banners on Natuur Aan Huis

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Happy customers

Simon Janssen

Storefront is a very reliable partner who know their stuff very well. They are knowledgable on a wide range of topics from serveroptimization to Magento configuration. This made them the perfect partner to further optimize our online store. This year we were able to complete a number of projects succesfully, such as our mobile website, the integration with our fullfillment partner and warehouse and a spotless server migration. Besides this, we have a pleasant, personal and informal working relationship.

Sven Nijs

Storefront is an honest and devoted business partner who handles an e-commerce project as if it were his very own. They know very well what's at stake when it comes to selling products or services online and they will do anything to make sure everything runs smoothly (or is fixed asap).

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Magento too slow?

Without the right optimizations and tweaks, Magento can be very slow.
We have developed many performance tweaks and run powerfull servers.

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We have the experience, know-how and flexibility to help out with any Magento issue, whether it is software, hosting or business related.

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